Basketball is the most influential game in the Philippines. Which is originally introduced by the Americans in 1910. The American teachers taught basketball in local young men’s Christian association (YMCA) and public schools. Now it has become the Philippines’ major national sport. The first basketball men’s team was formed in the earliest of 1910. After that, they participated continuously in eastern championships and won 10 editions of them, only losing to China for one edition in 1921.

Well, now basketball become a serious game in the Philippines. You can sense basketball in each and every corner of the Philippines. It places an important role among Filipinos. there are several kinds of leagues conducted leagues for professionals, kids, high schoolers, and national and Olympic teams. In the Philippines there are a lot of prestigious leagues going on PBA and NBA are the most famous among them.


Nowadays basketball leagues are not completed without basketball betting. Live betting stands most popular among Filipinos. There are many sportsbooks and offshores promoting live betting, e-games, online games, etc. Basketball betting is legal in the Philippines, and MegaSportsworld  (MSW) is responsible for the betting industry in sports. But still, MSW ph has certain limits in basketball betting. They allow 21+ aged bettors to this industry whereas online licensed sports bookies allow you 18 and up aged bettors.

NBA in basketball betting?

The NBA, or National Basketball Association, is the world’s top basketball league that originated in North America and is held in Canada and the United States. This is a world-class organization. It also has a sizable following. The NBA, as previously stated, has a global following and is thus well-known among sports bettors. Filipinos are no strangers to the National Basketball Association. NBA games have the largest betting market. Despite the fact that the NBA is an American league, Filipinos enjoy watching NBA games. The Philippines has a sizable NBA fan base. The NBA teams are broken into 2 conferences: the eastern conference and the western conference. Each conference consists of 15 teams. There are 30 teams in total.

Eastern Conference

  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Miami Heat
  • Orlando Magic
  • Washington Wizards
  • Boston Celtics
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • New York Knicks
  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Toronto Raptors
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Detroit Pistons
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Milwaukee Bucks


Western Conference

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Houston Rockets
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • New Orleans Pelicans
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Utah Jazz
  • Golden State Warriors
  • La Clippers
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Sacramento Kings


PBA in basketball betting?

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the top professional basketball league in the Philippines and the first professional basketball league in Asia. PBA game rules are a hybrid of those used by the NBA and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Such as NBA betting In the Philippines, PBA betting has a sizable market. Residents of the Philippines can bet on the PBA through licensed sportsbooks and offshores. However, PBA betting is not as popular as NBA betting because the MSW ph has some restrictions on the PBA for residents. The PBA is split into three conferences. These three conferences are combined to form a large season. The NBA has long regular seasons. However, in the PBA, there are long-term sub-seasons. Each year, each conference has payoffs and championship series. As a result, basketball fans in the Philippines will find this more convenient. They have the opportunity to bet on championships multiple times.

PBA Conferences

Each year, the three PBA conferences that comprise the PBA season are contested in the following order:

  • Philippine Cup
  • Commissioner’s Cup
  • Governors’ Cup

PBA Conferences

Each year, the three PBA conferences that comprise the PBA season are contested in the following order:

  • San Miguel Beermen
  • TNT Tropang Giga
  • Magnolia Chicken Timplados Hotshots
  • Barangay Ginebra San Miguel
  • Meralco Bolts
  • NLEX Road Warriors
  • Converge FiberXers
  • Blackwater Elite
  • Rain or Shine Elastopainters
  • North Port Batang Pier
  • Phoenix Fuel Masters
  • Terrafirma Dyip
Basketball-NBA and PBA betting is legal in the Philippines?

When it comes to sports betting, basketball odds betting is the most popular. The Philippine government allows licensed sportsbooks, such as MSW ph, to bet on international sports and games. Megasportsworld (MSW) is a legally licensed, domestically based sportsbook that allows residents of the Philippines to bet on sports. To bet on MSW ph, bettors usually go to MSW locations or MSW-allowed casinos. For betting on international events such as the NBA, MSW has specific criteria. with a minimum financial requirement and a minimum age of 21. It allows you to have Real money earning games Philippines.  The minimum wager in MSW ph is p 500.

MSW does not permit legal betting on PBA. However, Philippine residents can legally bet on PBA through licensed offshore bookmarkers. Many Filipinos are drawn to the wagering industry as it becomes an online platform. Bettors can access their accounts and place bets online at any time and from any location. Mobile Sports Betting Apps can also be used to access Philippine sports betting sites. Filipino bettors prefer to wager on PBA action at one of the 18+ offshore sportsbooks that are legally licensed and regulated any offshore sportsbook that lacks a proper license and regulatory system would be considered illegal. However, if you are engaging in illegal gambling, you will face consequences.

Different types of basketball betting

Basketball betting is classified into the following categories: point spread betting, money line betting, totals (over/under), props, and futures. All of these are available at licensed offshore sportsbooks, and each provides bettors with unique opportunities to win big. The same is true for NBA and PBA leagues.

Point spread betting

This wager is based on both teams gaining points. We pick a team based on how many points they have and bet on the team with the most points. live score of the game places a huge role in this type of wager. this type of wagering gives more progress in live betting

Head to head/ Moneyline

This sports betting works on the basis of a team’s chance of winning; in other words, we bet on the team that has won outright. So the Live score nba or pba live score is irrelevant here.

New bettors always stick to the money line until they understand the point spread. This wager is not affected by a point spread. This bet is also known as a straight bet or a straight Moneyline bet.

Totals or under/over bets

This type of wager is valid for PBA live games. It is determined by whether the final Live score nba or pba live score of both teams is “under” or “over.” If both teams have a high live score, it is best to place overbets. Under bet is the best bet if one is strong and the other is weak.


This betting is based on what happens in the cup betting odds.
That is, you place your bet on any specific event that occurs during the game. Props can be on the team or individual players.
Team props are live betting props on a team’s status. Props on a player status are referred to as player props. These various types of bets in basketball betting will help you increase your chances of winning. Each bet is unique and has its own characteristics. Some of them are intended for beginners, while others are intended for experienced bettors. You can the type of bet according to your needs. This is the Game that pays real money for the bettors


This type of wager is based on the future of a championship cup. Those who are very confident in their ability to predict and bet choose this bet. The futures were introduced at the start of the championship match. This wager involves large sums of money. These kinds of bets have nothing to do with the Live score nba or pba live score. Because it is completely independent of the live score, it is dependent on your prediction.

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